Tourism consultancy

CODEXCA´s tourism consultancy department has grown within the Canary Islands market. specializing in the hotel, restaurant and leisure industry. This has provided us with ample experience over the years at the heart of a world famous tourist destination, with over ten million visitors a year, and which has allowed us to develop many projects throughout Europe, Amercia and Africa, both for public and private organizations.

  • Competetiveness plans for specific market niches
  • Redefining marketing and sales strategies
  • Integrated projects for market positioning of tourist destinations
  • Defining and managing hotel, restaurant and leisure projects
  • Guidance on tourism legislation and regulation for each country
  • Search for national and international finance
  • Client surveys and audits
  • Creation or development of specialist tourist IT management systems for destinations
  • Viability of segments and market niches for destinations
  • Elaborating plans to help boost destinations
  • Planning and ordinance of tourist areas
  • Developing economic/finacial viability studies
  • Implementing national and international quality regulations
  • Cost analysis and control